Reimagining Daytime Entertainment For The Holiday Industry

Jane Maguire

From shows to installations, we help businesses create entertainment that connects people, creating lifelong memories

June 15, 2020

In addition to creating dynamic production shows and immersive experiences, The Business Creative has always provided our holiday industry clients with innovative, engaging, entertaining activities and concepts for their daytime programmes. These daytime programmes are the fundamental building blocks of any quality entertainment programme so we have to make sure that we maintain a strong, top quality offering for our clients.

Due to the influx of C19 on our society, we have quickly realised that we needed to adapt and re-imagine entertainment and come up with a whole host of ideas and concepts which don’t involve large groups of people congregating but cater for smaller groups of friends and families engaging and participating together. Our creative machine has gone into overdrive……

This all started on May 10th when the latest lockdown update was delivered from Downing Street. If you remember, we were initially informed that golf clubs were about to reopen and golfers could-recommence playing their favourite sport but only with members of their own household 😳😳😳 Now, let me explain, my husband is an avid golfer (plays off four), I on the other hand have never picked up a golf club in my life. My husband was like a kid who’d been told that Christmas had been cancelled! *

*This was readdressed quite quickly and he is now enjoying regular games with his mates who, luckily, can play golf. Thank goodness!

At the same time, we were given a list of sports which could be comfortably carried out (whilst adopting social distancing) and understandably these were quite limited. These guidelines really highlighted and emphasised, what we had already predicted……. that we had to rethink our leisure activities and the way in which we socially interact with people. We have all been forced into look at ways in which we can take still take part in organised entertainment or sports, connect with smaller groups, have fun but still stay safe.

We have been extremely motivated by the results of our newly focussed creative approach. From brand new sports concepts and games (with ways of ensuring a 2 metre distance between players, of course!), outdoor puzzle based challenges, ‘laptop’ detective games, interactive themed concepts for children and hosted quizzes with hundreds of participants playing at once (bet you’re intrigued?). We have invented and created a plethora of top notch daytime fun. We are so excited to now be working with our clients in bringing these new ideas to life.

Dovetailed with this, our online employee learning platform has proved itself as an invaluable training tool for delivering the new operational guidelines, H&S rules, policies which we have rewritten for the entertainment hosts. It’s imperative that we ensure consistent and safe delivery of entertainment across global entertainment programmes. Our platform, plus our interactive training modules, are allowing us to do this quickly and efficiently and really importantly at this tough economic time, cost effectively.

Maybe this solution will only be short term and at some point soon, we can revert to the old way of socialising and having fun together. But if not, then be sure that at The Business Creative we’re ready for the ‘New Normal’!

If you’d like to learn more about our daytime activity products or simply have a chat about how we could help you develop a C19 safe entertainment and activity programme, reach out on the details below and let’s chat.

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