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Ben O'Hara

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June 16, 2021

Employee wellness is a fundamental part of business success and the cost implications of absenteeism and stress are huge. With 13% of the UK work absences due to mental health conditions, keeping staff happy and committed is a top priority.

To strengthen and sustain an organisation, employees need to feel supported, valued and appreciated as individuals. Building a personal connection between employer and staff is vital. If a company is value-driven, nurtures personal development and wellbeing it will attract the best talent and retain them.

Here at The Business Creative, we’re well versed in connecting people.  Creating a ‘moment’ that leaves a lasting impression is at the heart of our business so when we were asked to develop a bespoke wellbeing, reward and social package to bring balance and fun to work life, we knew we were the right people for the job. Today, we’re excited to showcase the work we’ve recently completed for U Homecare.

Who doesn’t love positive feedback?

Research shows using the right words and public recognition are more impactful to the recipient and also boost team morale. That’s why we created the Unicorn Reward and Recognition Scheme for our client U Homecare. We believe the following concepts, designed by us, take staff welfare and team building to the next level.  

Unicorn Reward and Recognition Programme

We devised a scheme to give recognition to those workers who go above and beyond their daily responsibilities, encouraging them to reach their potential and to increase team connection by producing a complete Reward and Recognition programme solution, consisting of 5 key pillars – communication, motivation, rewards, awards and team building.  As part of the programme a number of unique concepts were designed to take employee reward and recognition to the next level –  these include the Unicorn Points and Superstore, Annual Awards Ceremony and Team building activities such as the 5 in 5 Quiz and online interactive activities, delivered as part of a wellness programme. All incentives were created with Corporate Social Responsibility in mind and were designed to be covid smart and for remote use.

Read all about the U Homecare Reward & Recognition scheme here!

Wellness Programme

As the world starts to move out of lockdown, we are aware that everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that things will start to get back to some form of ‘normal’. However, not underestimating the impact this past year has had on wellbeing, we felt a bespoke wellness programme would be a great fit. This is particularly important for those who choose to spend their lives caring for others and that’s why we launched the Unicorn – ‘Looking After U’ campaign consisting of Weekly Wellness Tips and online streaming Wellness Activities that employees (and their families) can join in with – all designed to ensure you’re ‘Looking After U’.

The wellness programme used our virtual activity content, iDEA (Interactive Digital Entertainment Activities), designed to inspire employees to keep physically, mentally and socially active. This is an exclusive product consisting of online digital entertainment activities.  On-demand and on-trend, viewers can take part in dance, fitness and creative tutorials.


We tailored these wellness tips, creative activities and fitness classes to suit U Homecare’s staff and their families. From salsa, street dance and yoga classes there’s something for everyone to enjoy – keeping the kids entertained and adults motivated.

Within iDEA, there is a customised programme specifically for kids. The Magic Kinder Playground was devised specifically for Kinder to enable kids using the Magic Kinder App to Get Up and Get Active with exciting soccer tricks, creative invention, playground magic and family fitness.  This content can be accessed directly from the Magic Kinder App

For U Homecare, we also produced a collection of inspiring weekly wellness videos and classes which were an instant hit. The videos provide tips to brighten and lift spirits and increase staff wellbeing. Unique to U Homecare’s needs, they suggest taking time out of the busy workday to appreciate life in the moment. Employees are encouraged to:

  • Design a daily workout
  • Check-in with emotions
  • Take a lunchtime walk
  • Turn phones off
  • Connect with relatives and friends
  • Learn something new


Why is wellness essential?

There are four pillars of wellbeing in the work environment – physical, mental, financial and social. Most businesses understand optimum physical and mental health is crucial to staff performance.

Not only is it important to keep your workforce’s mind and body healthy, but social wellness has a huge impact too – particularly on staff who are not office-based. Social wellbeing means feeling a sense of belonging at work. From relationships with colleagues to connections with company values and feeling appreciated. The advantages are:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. High motivation and morale
  3. Improved recruitment and retention of employees
  4. Reduced sick days and health risks


How we help

Most of us spend a large percentage of our time at work and this can have a big impact on our mental and physical health. After the Covid-19 pandemic, the way we work in the future is likely to change. To retain staff, encouraging teams to make their own lifestyle choices benefits them and the work culture as a whole.

To optimise and strengthen your business you need a wellness programme that keeps your amazing team healthy and motivated. If this blog has inspired you to kickstart your plan and nurture your company’s future then get in touch today!

The Business Creative produces activity programmes, live entertainment, immersive experiences and digital games for the leisure and tourism industry. We are committed to injecting fresh ideas and energy into finding new concepts for businesses. If you want to see more of our innovative work, or if you want help with your team building, let’s talk about creating a bespoke programme, just for you.


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