Get ready to be taken back in time to the golden age of ‘whodunit’ crime mysteries ... but with a modern twist!

The Concept:

A unique, interactive and versatile activity where guests get to ‘play detective’ in order to solve a crime. This modern twist on the classic ‘murder mystery’ evening delivers great production value with amazingly simple operation.

The Client:

Holiday Parks, Tour Operators, Hoteliers, Team Building

The Solution:

Get ready to be taken back in time to the golden age of ‘whodunit’ crime mysteries. Will you be able to determine the culprits in our series of super sleuth mysteries, The Red Moon of Archibold, Circus Saboteur, Mystery at The Grand Palace Hotel and The Spy Who Shoved Me? As you become budding detectives, you’ll be provided with a series of cryptic clues, items of evidence, puzzles and audio clues in each of our specially created crime scene scenarios.

The aim of the game is to utilise physical evidence, witness audio statements and the detective’s notebook to work out who the culprit is. Players are given a list of ten suspects along with their personal profiles. Every time a puzzle is solved and a piece of information is discovered about the culprit, one or more of the suspects will be eliminated from the investigation (like ‘Guess Who’). Eventually, all but one of the suspects remains.

The format is designed to be easily delivered by one host, adaptable for any venue with a sound system.

This activity is perfect for socially-distanced entertainment.

Length of activity: 30-40mins

Versions of the game: x 4

Age range: Family/Adult

Recommended attendance: Small groups, up to 50 guests (playing in teams)

Staff required: 1 Host