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Ben O'Hara

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June 21, 2021

Designed and produced exclusively by The Business Creative, iDEA (Interactive Digital Entertainment Activities) is a unique collection of filmed, virtual activities for children and families, to get people active PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY and SOCIALLY, while also having a huge amount of fun. Accessible in various formats (web streaming, download and Blu-ray) iDEA delivers over 14 hours of world-class, expert-led entertainment, fitness and dance activities directly to you.

iDEA promotes healthy activity in kids and families. We know that active play should form an integral part of every child’s life and it is vitally important that we create innovative products that get and keep kids active, even when they may not realise they are doing so.

iDEA activities are designed to encourage families to interact and participate as a family unit, getting active whilst having fun together.

IDEA virtual activities provide solutions to a number of common problems that face the holiday and entertainment sector:

Lack of specialist staff:

iDEA virtual activities allow you to deliver specialist skills, without the cost of specialist instructors

Consistency of staff:

A common issue facing running activities in any organisation can be high staff turnover. iDEA virtual activities help keep a consistency of good quality delivery, despite staff changes

Consistent delivery across multiple sites:

As we know, the calibre of team members can differ from site to site so this virtual activity solution guarantees consistent delivery of activity content across all of your venues

Enhances outdoor programme:

iDEA virtual activities allow you to offer a variety of activities to compliment an outdoor activity programme. They are a great solution for wet weather as they are really easy to set up and operate at short notice

Quick, flexible:

iDEA virtual activities are modular. This means they are really flexible and can be used in a variety of different ways. Got 10 mins to kill whilst people are arriving for an activity? Why not play level one of Movez to occupy your early arrivers? Or get people to learn one of the exciting Bar Tricks whilst they are waiting? It’s also a great way to promote the activities to anyone who may be lurking and wondering what all the fuss is about!

Limited space:

iDEA virtual activities don’t require much room at all. Space will depend on the number of participants

iDEA content is all designed to get people up and active, whilst having fun. Rather than simply sitting and watching, our unique format actually gets them ‘doing’. The activities are fun, engaging and give kids, adults and family groups access to a whole range of expert skills that they wouldn’t normally be able to get their hands on. The activities encourage participants to find their level, challenge themselves with harder options and keep them wanting to come back. The delivery of the activities on screen is a familiar format for both kids and adults to engage with. The videos are also hosted by professional presenters. iDEA activities are currently operating in a number of holiday parks and resorts who have seen an increase in family engagement since launching the activities.

Since launching iDEA clients include David Lloyd Family Health Clubs, Everyone Active, Thomson Cruises, Haven Holiday Parks and Parkdean Resorts. iDEA content is also distributed to gyms, health clubs and leisure centres worldwide via companies such as Wexer Virtual and Fitness On Demand.

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