A Ready Made Family Adventure Challenge For The Leisure Attraction And Hospitality Industry

Physical experiences such as escape rooms and treasure hunts have seen a boom in recent years, with many groups and families wanting an activity that encourages communication and teamwork whilst also being a memorable and fun experience for all involved. At The Business Creative, we wanted to go one step further and try to educate those playing, particularly the younger audience but also acting as a stark reminder for adults playing Eco-Quest; the importance of climate change awareness. 

What Is Eco-Quest?

In less than 2 Hours, the despicable Smog-Corporation are hosting a summit with all the major world leaders.  Their intention is to sign contracts allowing them to expand their organisation into every corner of the globe.

Smog-corp are public enemy number 1 when it comes to illegal polluting, plundering and exploitation of the natural world. If this happens, the impact it will have on our planet will be devastating!

Have you and your team got the skills to solve, sleuth and puzzle your way through a series of conservation conundrums, halt the expansion of the smog corporation and ultimately save the planet?

How does Eco-Quest Work?

Once armed with the equipment you need such as a tablet computer, a briefcase and a series of locks, your journey begins with a short video message explaining the story, transporting you from whichever venue you’re in, into the game world. 

At the end of the video, you are guided into 6 different ‘eco zones’. In each ‘eco-zone’ there is a poster which displays a part of the puzzle, along with a variety of fascinating nature facts. Your goal in each of these zones is to solve the puzzles using the equipment you have been given and then input a code, either to the briefcase or the tablet, to unlock the next stage of your adventure.

You’re given a wipeable spy-tech notepad (a kind of digital etch-a-sketch) to jot down all of the important facts and statistics that you find along the way, which will be important later on.

Once you’ve worked your way through each zone, you’ll be confronted with a quiz that tests your memory (or your note-taking skills 🤓) of the sustainability facts that you’ve encountered on your adventure. Do you think YOU could get a perfect score?

After you’ve completed everything you’ll be given a final grade based on how quickly you managed to solve all of the puzzles and your score in the quiz. Although not included in the software, you may choose to run your own leaderboard of scores, perhaps for the week if in a hospitality venue, or for the day if team building, for example. 

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

When designing Eco-Quest, we wanted to encapsulate as many fun activities in the game as possible. The unlocking elements will remind players of Escape rooms that have seen a boom in popularity over the last few years but Eco-Quest also borrows elements from other popular physical experiences including treasure hunts and quizzes and physical game shows like the Crystal Maze.

We’re also aware that the target audience for Eco-Quest will change between venues and use cases. It might be used as a family based adventure on a rainy day in a hotel, you may wish to use it for a corporate day out or a team building exercise. With that in mind the gameplay has had two different versions built in – one to test an adult audience and one for all the family or just youngsters playing alone.

Whilst the two games are similar in structure, the puzzles can be swapped out depending on the players skill level. 


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Don’t Let Boredom Rain On Your Parade

The great thing about Eco-Quest is the fact that it’s adaptable. The flexible and modular nature of its design means it can be implemented in a range of spaces. The adventure can be played in a single room or it can be spread out in huge outdoor spaces. 

The fact that you aren’t limited by its setting means that you can play Eco-Quest no matter the weather. This makes it a great addition to the line-up of any venue as it can be played all year round. 

Having ‘rainy day’ plans to hand is incredibly important when it comes to ensuring happy guests, and good customer engagement and feedback scores. In particular, an activity like Eco-Quest, while an affordable installation, would be seen very much as a premium ‘rainy day’ activity by guests – a fantastically engaging tool to pull out of your sleeve. 

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Burn Calories, Not Fossil Fuels

Eco-Quest is excellent for providing groups with a fun, active adventure. Travelling between the different eco zones keeps players moving and energised whilst keeping all players physically engaged throughout their playtime. This is great for families who want an activity where their children explore the great outdoors, not being confined to a single room. 

Another great thing about Eco-Quest is the fact that it can be installed in pretty much any area. If you have large, open spaces you can use our game to encourage exploration around your facilities. Make the most of your grounds and set the different zones as far apart as possible. Participants will enjoy racing between the zones while enjoying all the surroundings that your venue has to offer.

Hands Off Entertainment

The beauty of Eco-Quest is the fact it can be run with minimal staff, keeping costs and manpower at an absolute minimum. It’s very similar to crazy golf whereby customers are greeted, they’re handed the equipment with a brief outline of the instructions and then they’re free to enjoy the experience at their own leisure. 

This means Eco-Quest can be implemented by businesses very easily with minimal work. Venues don’t need dedicated rooms to host it due to the modular nature of the design so it can be woven into whatever space you currently have available. 

Staffing is never an issue either – if your entertainment team are on a break, just have reception run the show! The ability for any kind of team member to run the introduction to the game and hand over the equipment is another reason why we believe Eco-Quest to be so cost-effective. 

Adaptable For Any Business

We were conscious of the fact that not every venue has areas that they can dedicate solely to set up an escape room. This is why the modular nature of Eco-Quest allows it to be played in almost any venue. 

There is minimal equipment to set up, at its very core Eco-Quest can be enjoyed by just setting up the posters for each zone. This makes it incredibly flexible, so it can be enjoyed in almost any setting. One clever way to set up that might bring added benefit, would be to place the zones at important sites around your venue. Perhaps you want to make sure your guests know the exact location of the medics room, or the gift shop – place the zones there to gently remind your guests of these pertinent locations.

Finally, given how easy it is to install and take down, businesses have the choice of offering Eco-Quest to their guests either on a pop-up, seasonal basis or have the adventure as a permanent part of their experiences. It’s supremely flexible making it a sure fire winner for any entertainment business, corporate activity or just a fun, family day out.


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