The Business Creative was born out of a desire to create entertainment experiences that are different. Moments that evoke emotions, creating everlasting memories. Creative ideas that buck the trend, that challenge convention and set our clients apart from the rest. Within the leisure and tourism industry, there are so many companies producing the same type of shows, the same light entertainment formats and the same family activities. They’re even fighting for the same clients.

Don’t get us wrong, there’s a place for conventional entertainment experiences. The Business Creative just isn’t it.

Between this insight and the clients we want to inspire stands our experience, passion and motivation.  We are a team of entertainment professionals with, collectively, over 100 years of experience in creative, production and operations within the entertainment industry.  We have diverse backgrounds, working at senior levels within Theme parks, Tour Operators, Cruise Ships and Leisure attractions.  Our extensive team of freelance specialists complete The Business Creative family, ensuring we are always at the cutting edge of our industry, ready to help you challenge convention, realise your ideas and create a truly unique entertainment experience.

See why we do, what we do.

Jane Maguire


Ben O’Hara