Gone are the days of flip charts (thank goodness!) and dull company staff training sessions where even the seventh cup of coffee can’t see you through.

We shake up the traditional staff training and provide tailored training packages that deliver results. People learn in different ways, they absorb information at different rates, and we know how to create training modules that cater to your colleagues needs. Our trainees leave understanding the ‘why’ as well as the ‘what’.

Our training solutions have been utilised in some of the worlds largest tour operators, theme parks and leisure attractions. Though we don’t stop there – we’re not restricted by sectors. Our creative aptitude and results-focused techniques have led us to creating courses and digital modules for everything from ‘presentation techniques’ to ‘international hotel concept standards’ (Hotel rooms in Croatia have never been so clean thanks to us!)

We never underestimate the importance of putting training information at the fingertips of the end user. Our powerful e-learning platform (iLO – Interactive Learning Online) can host your own documents and training resources. Alongside our bespoke Interactive Online Modules, which are packed with bite-sized learning, magazine style layouts, interactive self-discovery moments and video content, your staff training and development will never look the same again.

Whatever the subject may be, every aspect of our training is underpinned by our ability to creatively answer the crucial questions: What is the moment, what emotion will we evoke, and what will your trainees remember?



Unlock your teams true potential

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