U Homecare

U Homecare came to The Business Creative to develop an innovative and unique solution that would bring their staff together in a multi-faceted reward and recognition system. Our goal was to engage, entertain and create memorable experiences that drew the staff closer together as a team and feel more affinity with the U Homecare brand.

The Client:

U Homecare – supporting adults with personalised care in their homes.

The Brief:

Develop a bespoke incentive programme for U Homecare to sustain, attract and retain staff.

Our Concept:

Recognition and reward scheme, awards ceremony and quiz.

The Solution:

The Business Creative produced a complete Reward and Recognition programme solution, consisting of 5 key pillars – communication, motivation, rewards, awards and team building. As part of the programme, a number of unique concepts were designed to take employee reward and recognition to the next level –  these included the Unicorn Points and Superstore, Annual Awards Ceremony and Team Building activities such as the 5 in 5 Quiz, and online interactive activities, delivered as part of a wellness programme. All incentives were created with corporate social responsibility in mind and were designed to be Covid smart and for remote use.

It’s essential for any employees who are not office based to feel supported, appreciated and valued. Not only is it important to inspire employees, but also to nurture personal development, potential and ultimately retention rates. This is especially true for those working in the care sector, where lower salaries are not deemed to be a primary driver for recruitment. Building a personal connection between employer and staff is vital.

To ensure the programme would really resonate with U Homecare’s employees, we took time to speak to U Homecare staff in a series of online surveys and focus groups. We wanted to understand what we could do to really create that ‘moment’ for them – that moment being when they felt valued, appreciated and a real part of the U Homecare family. We distilled the insight we gained and developed the Unicorn Reward and Recognition programme.

The Unicorn was chosen as the name for the programme as it represents U Homecare’s brand values of hope, joy, positivity and pride, and also happens to be the national animal of Scotland (where U Homecare is based). It also, conveniently, begins with a U!


Unicorn Points and Superstore Scheme

We devised the Unicorn Scheme to offer recognition to staff who go above and beyond their daily duties with quarterly awards, culminating in an annual awards ceremony. Those who went the extra mile accrued points to be exchanged in the online superstore for personalised prizes and gifts, encouraging them to reach their potential and keeping morale high.


Awards Ceremony

In conjunction with the Unicorn Scheme, we designed a virtual awards ceremony to celebrate the year’s stand out staff and showcase the company’s achievements. The hugely successful, interactive and entertaining awards night brought glitz and glamour directly into employees’, suppliers’ and clients’ own homes.

With high production values and strategic planning, the celebration was proceeded by a full social media and marketing campaign to entice the audience to the big night. We delivered live music & DJ sets, surprise celebrity guests, and a branded cocktail-making class presented by the CEO. The climax of the evening saw participants vying for 6 prestigious awards and exclusive prizes. Such a triumph, it will now take place annually.

Team Building – 5 in 5 Quiz

A bi-monthly online quiz was launched as part of the Unicorn programme to increase team connection and visibility. With individual play and team interaction in break-out rooms, this immersive multi-media experience consisted of 5 rounds of 5 questions:

  • Multiple choice
  • Picture
  • Music
  • Scavenger hunt
  • General knowledge

The purpose of this activity was team building, so careful consideration was given to the format and structure, making full use of Zoom’s breakout room function, allowing team members time to interact and get to know each other in a relaxed, informal environment. TV game show-style motion graphics, cunningly curated quiz questions, and even a bespoke soundtrack all added to this unique, immersive online experience. This is online quizzing, but not as you know it!

The 5 in 5 Quiz was such a smash hit, the blueprint has been rolled out to other companies wishing to optimise and strengthen their businesses. If you’d like to discuss using it for your own project then please get in contact.