The Future of Storytelling

Ben O'Hara

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August 11, 2021

Here at The Business Creative, we have an insatiable desire to seek out cutting edge technology and concepts to merge with live entertainment, pushing boundaries for our clients. Right now, we’re on the brink of completing a prototype concept for projected augmented reality storytelling.

Having produced a number of projection mapping shows previously, we wanted to see if we could use the latest developments in projection mapping technology to enhance traditional storytelling, specifically for our clients in the holiday, hotel, and leisure industry. For us, there’s nothing more thrilling than bringing storytelling to life – it’s the heart and soul of our business.

Our concept will change the way this type of technology and live entertainment work together and we’re super excited to share the results with you. 

Next level thinking

Don’t know what projection mapping is? It’s video projected light mapped onto any surface that turns common objects or buildings into interactive displays. It’s not a technology that comes cheap. Just the content alone can cost anywhere from £6K to £20K per minute to produce, along with complex technical setups and operation. 

Our idea uses projection mapping to augment reality within a live entertainment setting – alongside live performers – and is designed to be accessible and economical. We’ve focused on clients in the leisure industry as we have a solid, in-depth knowledge of this sector and understand the impact this concept will have. We’re working with the latest technology to create a concept that will work in their settings and venues and, more importantly, to their budgets.

Yes, sure, you can have a conventional projection on a building – but we’re putting our unique spin on it. This is what we believe will take our clients’ projects to the next level, leaving their competition behind.

The concept

We’re combining traditional 2D storytelling through books with state-of-the-art projected augmented reality tech. Our concept gives 2D space a physical presence, expanding and enhancing it with projection mapping, capturing the essence of a story and allowing it to burst into life. The entertainment possibilities are endless.

We’re working alongside the fabulous Brighton-based creative studio Ram Jam (who specialise in augmented and virtual reality) and other hugely talented motion graphic designers and creatives, to design the content and product structure.

The team is hard at work building demonstration concepts, producing 50% scaled sets for Under the Sea Adventures and Spooktacular Storytime to propel this immersive technology to the next level:

Under the Sea Adventure is a storybook projection where the narrator interacts with the audience, book and characters. Audience participation means everyone works as a team to solve clues and find the treasure.

Spooktacular Storytime, set in a spooky mansion, is a tale of adventure, friendship and things that go bump in the night! As the narrative unfolds, the multi-sensory, interactive show has music, dancing and a spooktacular party.

Of course, augmented reality can be used with different tech and product types. This system means there is no need for wearables, wired solutions or handheld devices. It seamlessly blends digitally projected visuals into the physical world. Audiences will see the results with the naked eye, meaning audiences aren’t locked into the singularity that Virtual Reality can create.

By using specialist technical equipment to quickly scan and project images on a 3D set and combine this with a live performer, we can create a future where storytelling becomes vividly engaging and exciting, no longer restricted by a flat, rectangular screen. We’re sure this will be one of the ‘wows’ that our clients are looking for to set them apart from their competition.

World-class brands

The Business Creative’s ‘sky’s the limit’ thinking means world-class brands come to us for inspiration. We’ve worked with some of the biggest players out there to produce some very high-profile shows.

For Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, we developed spectacular entertainment productions that reflected their high-class brand. We integrated live performance with projection mapping on a huge scale, two disciplines rarely seen together – which won us the IAPPA’s coveted Brass Ring Award for entertainment excellence. 

We create unique entertainment experiences that stop audiences in their tracks. We believe carefully created moments evoke emotions that bring us together. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to adapt to stay relevant to changing customer needs.

We love delivering high-quality projects with creative impact, and this prototype will empower businesses to stay ahead of the curve in the leisure industry. We’re excited to share our progress with you, so stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

In the meantime, get in touch today if you want to wow your audiences with memories to cherish, and achieve the success your brand deserves.

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