Brand new immersive outdoor adventure for TUI Hotels – Worldwide

Ben O'Hara

From shows to installations, we create entertainment experiences that connect people. We think unconventionally. We do things differently. We create the unique. We set the stage, the memories are theirs....forever

June 30, 2022

At The Business Creative, we’re experts in solving problems by creating entertainment experiences to connect audiences to our clients’ brand.  Doing things differently, innovating and thinking outside the box, is not only what gets us up in the morning, it’s what stimulates us and gets us through the day (that, and a couple of strong coffees!).

So when TUI, the world’s leading tourism business, approached us to create an escape room style experience – but without a room to escape from – we squared up to the challenge, looked it directly in the eyes, and stared that sucker down.  Here’s how it went!

The Brief

TUI Blue For Two hotels are a collection of premium, adult only hotels based in stunning locations around the world, featuring first class dining, relaxation and subtle, yet innovative entertainment concepts for guests to enjoy at their leisure.

Following the hugely successful roll out of our fully automated escape room experience within a selection of TUI Blue For Two hotels,  the team at TUI liked the idea so much that they asked us to develop a similar, puzzle-based adventure concept, but one that would be suitable for any hotel, and especially for properties that did not have the space to dedicate to such an attraction.

Similar to The Lost Rock Of Wisdom (our automated escape room), the concept needed to be aimed at adults and be entertaining, yet rooted in fact.

The Concept

Going several stages further than the brief, we developed THINK – a completely brand new and totally unique puzzle-based challenge, designed to get couples or small groups of adults to interact and have fun. As expert storytellers, we cleverly integrated TUI’s commitment to making the sector more sustainable and reducing the impact of holidays on the environment – as a result, THINK players enter a world of conservation conundrums, racing to save the planet (THINK is an acronym of Tactical Homeland Intelligence for Nature Knowledge…..just in case you were wondering)

THINK takes all the thrill, excitement and immersion of an escape room and places players in the great outdoors, indoors or, in fact, anywhere TUI would like. We developed the game using bespoke software which means it is completely configurable to work in any location and doesn’t rely on Wi-Fi, GPS or phone signal.

During the timed adventure challenge, players receive a coded briefing from an on-screen agent, who will assist them in their endeavours to save the planet. They will work at 7 physical puzzle stations where they will solve, sleuth and puzzle their way through the game. Their allocated on-screen agent will keep players on track, offer hints and clues, and hurry players along if it seems like they might be taking too much time.

Light Operation

The bespoke and innovative software that powers THINK is what makes the operation of the game so simple. No technician, games master or actors are needed. The automated experience simply needs one member of staff to gather players together and start the game. From here, our artificial intelligence system takes over.

High-End Production

Top-quality graphic and film production, mixed with expert storytelling and the best puzzle development means that THINK really delivers a ‘theme-park’ style experience within a hotel environment, keeping players intrigued and engaged until the very last minute of the adventure.  We’re so confident guests will enjoy it, we’ve even built a second game into the software so guests can play again and get a totally different experience.

So that’s how we build an escape room experience – but with no room to escape from! THINK is available to experience in all TUI Blue for Two hotels this summer.  

Now, what about your ideas?

Innovation is in our DNA – it’s the beating heart of The Business Creative. If you’ve got a seed of an idea, a fleeting thought or nuance of a concept you’ve always thought would be a winner but you’re just not sure how to bring it to life, get in touch. Let’s have a chat and develop something unique together. 

Let’s do things differently… it’s what we do.

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