The Brief: Create an escape room experience for TUI’s luxury adult brand, TUI Blue For Two. The experience should be story driven, themed and have minimal operational requirements. The concept should also run in both German and English.

The Concept:

Automated escape room

The Client:


The Solution:

Currently operating in 9 different countries world-wide, our escape room experiences allow teams, couples or families to work together to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and challenges before their time runs out. Fully immersed in the storyline, their hearts will beat faster as the clock ticks. They’ll feel the pressure as they try to solve them … but then elation as soon as they do and move onto the next. The gameplay, the pressure, the elation … the memories … all without stepping outside of your hotel/venue.

The entertainment demands of today’s holidaymakers are changing. With greater access to West End shows, world-class theme parks and innovative ‘immersive entertainment experiences’, there is a need to focus on new and innovative ideas to capture their imagination.  Research also shows that there is evidence that holidaymakers want more than a traditional entertainment programme, asking for options to book ‘on demand’ entertainment offerings as part of the mix.

With clever use of technology, we have created a totally immersive, escape room experience that can be operated by non-specialist skilled staff, in any hotel or leisure venue. This is a real option for agents, hoteliers or general managers who are looking to offer a superior and unique entertainment experience to their guests, without them having to leave the confines of the property.

Especially important is the low running cost of this theme-park style experience. Unlike traditional escape rooms where actors, technicians and games-masters are all needed to ensure the game works, our automated escape room experience simply requires one member of staff to gather players together, deliver a short scripted H&S brief, and welcome players to the room. There isn’t even any complicated resetting of puzzles after the game.

Our product allows this theme-park style experience to be offered within any hotel or leisure venue. This semi-permanent ‘pop-up’ escape room experience is a full, turnkey operation. With set up and full operational training in two days, this product creates a whole new world of opportunities for immersive experiences within hotels.