Why Interpreting Brand Stories Correctly Is Crucial For Creative Agencies

Ben O'Hara

Director and Co-Founder

February 27, 2023

The Business Creative have been trusted to interpret the stories of some of the world’s best-known brands. A great example of this is the work we have done with the team at JCB. For over 12 years, we have created and produced shows and experiences based on JCB’s innovation, machine attributes and brand values all over the world, including Paris, Germany, Las Vegas, and even Stoke on Trent!

Recently, we were commissioned to create JCB’s biggest-ever arena show for their Top 75 Dealers conference. But this time the brief was slightly different, with much more of a focus on the history of the company and a true interpretation of their brand story. We developed the creative narrative of a living scrapbook, taking the audience through decades of iconic machinery manufacturing, displaying and choreographing no less than 50 incredible machines. A true collaboration with the JCB Team and Brighter Productions, the show was a huge success, not least because of the way the story was told.

A Crucial Role

Creative and experiential agencies play a crucial role in helping brands communicate their stories to their target audience. We are responsible for designing experiences that bring brands to life, making them relatable, engaging, and memorable. However, it is equally important for us to interpret brand stories correctly, as any misinterpretation can result in a distorted narrative that can damage the brand’s reputation and disconnect with its target audience.

Starting with the story and understanding emotional intention has been key to our success in this area. Brands spend a lot of time and resources to build a specific image in the minds of their customers, and any inconsistency in their representation can confuse or mislead the audience. For example, a brand that emphasises environmental sustainability in its story would want an experiential agency to reflect that in their design, rather than creating an experience that emphasises luxury and extravagance.

An Authentic Experience

Authenticity is a critical aspect of brand storytelling, and any inauthenticity in the experience can make the audience sceptical and disinterested. Working closely with the team at JCB, we thoroughly understand their values and messaging which ensures we create an experience that accurately reflects their identity.

Furthermore, interpreting brand stories correctly ensures an emotional connection with the audience. Emotions play a significant role in building brand loyalty, and we leverage this by creating experiences that evoke positive emotions in the audience. We know that evoking emotions is the most powerful way to connect an audience. However, this can only be achieved if we truly understand the brand story and the relevant emotional messaging. A misinterpretation of the brand story can lead to experiences that are disconnected and fail to resonate with the audience.

In conclusion, understanding and interpreting brand stories correctly is crucial in designing immersive experiences that accurately reflect the brand’s values and identity, create an authentic experience, and establish an emotional connection with the audience.

It takes time, tenacity and a willingness to really get under the hood of what makes the brand tick. But once you’re there, once you understand, then the sky is the limit. I mean, have you even seen 14,000lbs of steel bring a tear to a grown man’s eye … I have.

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