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Ben O'Hara

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July 28, 2022

Here at The Business Creative, we’re positively bubbling with exciting ways to reimagine and vibrantly enhance all kinds of light entertainment and production. So, when world-class brand Haven Holiday Parks needed a classic game reinvented for their fun-loving guests, they knew we had the bingo balls to do it!

With immersion, involvement and interaction always at the heart of what we do, we knew we were made for the role of transforming an old favourite into a dazzling new spectacle. Bingo but not as your nanna knows it! It was all eyes down and dabbers at the ready to get a full house of ideas. From creation and a super-successful trial to more fabulous add-ons, we can’t wait to tell you all about our latest lively project with Haven.

A New Format

Haven Holiday Parks are a place to let loose and have fun, and a souped-up bingo night fits that bill to a tee. In 2021, we enthusiastically picked up the cultural trend for reinventing bingo, creating and trialling a bright and energetic innovative format – Haven’s Full House.

The outcome was a neon, retro-styled game using a wild array of bingo balls that include disco balls, quiz balls, and big balls for bonkers party games and lively audience participation. A comedic, outrageous host and androgynous disco ball dancers set the pace and party mood, whilst the eager audience is posed with the burning question: “Have you got the balls?” The Haven holidaymakers certainly did!

Our fun new format proved to be a firm favourite with both new and returning guests last year, prompting a full roll out in 2022 to all 36 Haven Holiday Park sites. Before sending it on its merry way though, we needed to make a few tip-top technological updates to its operation to assist Haven’s wonderful hosts and ensure a smooth-flowing format.

Why The Business Creative?

As experts in our field with a vast range of experience in light entertainment, leisure and tourism, we understand the fun-loving audience at Haven Holiday Parks. We also recognise our client’s professional need for a format that works both effectively and effortlessly to ensure that every rip-roaring night goes without a hitch!

We connect people through fabulous entertainment, and our diverse way of thinking and unstoppable creative energy produces exceptional experiences. These standout life moments evoke positive emotions and, in turn, everlasting memories.

At The Business Creative, we grab hold of the reins from the get-go to the finish line, providing concept, production, design, music, video content, plus technological partnering with NRM (Jigsaw), for end-to-end delivery.

A Successful Solution

What do balls make? Bingo! Haven’s Full House is an exciting cross between a production show and a light entertainment game show format. Since what happens in the show is determined by what bingo numbers are called, the technical operation is tricky due to its unpredictable nature.

Working with The NRM Group, we updated the show format to run from the cutting-edge Jigsaw System. The bingo element of the game runs professionally – similar to a bingo hall but with no manual bingo machine. Instead, our refresh provides a simple, quick-fire system, where audio and video cues link to randomly selected bingo numbers to keep the entertainment rolling!

The revamped bingo game is now completely modular, enabling the host to tailor novelty sections to their captivated audience, whether mild or wild! Customisation includes the number of games per session, a selection of voiceover intros, and crucial creative control over what type of bingo balls are let loose on the crowd.

A bingo ball can call for a punchy dance routine by Haven’s sparkly snake-hipped performers or trigger an on-screen catchphrase question to shake up the game. Energetic and variable content contributes to a colourfully reinvented game of bingo, and an immersive family experience that spans generations.

Everyone’s A Winner!

We didn’t drop the ball – Haven’s Full House is hugely popular with audiences. The changes and updates we made led to a greatly enhanced experience that pushes the boundaries of holiday park entertainment.  The Haven team members have enthusiastically jumped on board the Full House train, reacting positively to the impactful changes and are super excited to run the format for their treasured audiences.

Entertainment is at the core of our business. We love rolling out unique, creative solutions that resonate, and we can’t wait to share what comes next!

Your Ballsy Ideas

If you’ve got a full house of ballsy ideas that need bringing to life or require our imaginative help in creating a new line-up, get in touch today. We’re always excited to bounce ideas around with you!

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