The Business Creative produce a major new game show for Haven Holiday Parks in 2022

Ben O'Hara

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April 19, 2022

When you think of The Business Creative, think experts in original standout content – we eat creativity for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! That’s why world-class brand Haven Holiday Parks came to us with a brief to design a major new game show for all the family. 

There’s no denying we have a reputation for innovative thinking, but how did that work in practice? Here, we’re super pumped to share how our creative expertise was put to the test, completing the project from the ground up with some tight deadlines. 

The concept

Haven Holiday Parks provide the perfect location for fun family getaways. And what better way to get holiday proceedings underway than with a retro game show for everyone to enjoy? Haven enlisted us to produce this turn-key production-ready for launch in all 36 of their parks in 2022. Mission accepted, there was no holding us back and we got to work. 

Renowned for their exceptional entertainment, Haven wanted us to create a brand new staple game show format for new and returning guests. It needed to have a retro, cheeky and bold feel. So we developed Unlock the Park – a bespoke, spectacular family show where the entire audience is part of the live interactive experience.  

*Images are from rehearsals

Setting the scene

Imagine this. You’ve just arrived at your Haven Holiday site for a long-awaited break, but it’s locked!  ‘Stan’ the cunning Key Keeper man, will do anything in his power to keep the park locked, and it will take a true Haven Hero to Unlock the Park

Contestants battle their way through five unique games and physical challenges, collecting vital keys along the way. Reaching the sixth and final game, it’s a race against the clock to crack the security code and save the holiday. 

To keep the whole audience engaged we devised ‘The Check-In’ mass participation game at the start to allow them to be part of the journey. Taking inspiration from classic, popular game shows like Double Dare or Get Your Own Back, we threw in elements of slapstick and physical games with large props and exciting visuals to keep the tone light and fun. 

Why us?

It’s not in our DNA to create a run-of-the-mill vision. We add our unique spin to all we do. And our diverse background within the entertainment, tourism and leisure industries certainly helps! That’s why we knew that we were the perfect fit for this project from the off. 

Having an established relationship with Haven Holiday Parks, we knew the dynamic feel required to make the game show go down a storm with guests. We understand the powerful connection that storytelling brings to an audience. A concept that gives the family on holiday an experience to treasure for years to come. The brand is then forever associated with that special time of fun, togetherness, and joy. 

Slick, high-quality production 

Partnering with The NRM Group, we designed a bespoke interactive piece of software for the show’s final section, using cutting-edge Jigsaw technology. 

Curated high-quality graphic and video content was splashed across large screens contributing to a slick TV show production feel. The bigger and brighter the visuals the better, packing a punch, knocking contestants’ socks off, and keeping the audience hooked. This all dovetailed perfectly with Haven’s team of highly skilled presenters and entertainers.  

We have lift off!

Here at The Business Creative we don’t do things by halves and are happy to push boundaries for our clients. That’s why our team stepped up to the plate to pull together the Unlock the Park game show in an exceptionally short turnaround time. We thrive on delivering high-quality entertainment with creative impact and are excited for the launch of the game throughout Haven Parks in 2022. 

Your innovative ideas

Our extensive catalogue of products and light entertainment formats break new ground with fresh concepts and emotional connections, which always deliver the desired results. If you’d like to know more about Unlock the Park or any of our innovative work, get in touch. Let’s chat through your bold and innovative concept ideas – we don’t need to be asked twice to get creative! 

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