The Colour Factory

Jamie Greaves

Creative Director at The Business Creative

May 30, 2022

We work in what we like to think of as a ‘colourful’ industry and at The Business Creative we love to play with colour – from pitches and presentations to our fully developed concepts, colour has always played a part in determining how our products should look and immediately feel.  There has also been interesting research conducted into how the impact of colour can effect your mood and economy.  But what if you were to examine this further?  We are a curious bunch here at the Business Creative and we wanted to know – what does a particular colour sound like?  What does it smell like, and what should it taste like?

Well, now thanks to an attraction in New York and Chicago you can experience a no-holds-barred deep dive experience into the world of colour! The Color Factory is a beautiful one-of-a kind experience that inspires joy and delight – all through the lens of colour.

From the lobby to the gift shop and each colourful moment in between, Color Factory invites every guest to expand their boundaries of perception, to embrace play and discovery, and to engage the senses in unexpected ways.  All of the things that we as a business like to build into our products and concepts!  Everything in the museum is carefully curated, from the hue of the ice cream to the tint of the walls. 

Every hue represented at Color Factory is paired with a sensory experience to unleash the power and impact of colour. Those experiences aim to awaken natural curiosity and encourage uninhibited play… especially for grown-ups!

Visitors pass through colourful tunnels, with coloured buttons covering the walls. There are 26 colours, and guests are asked to pick a colour they naturally gravitate toward. Later in the visit, they’re told they’ll find out more about the colour and the unusual history it might have. After tasting colour, visitors aren’t surprised when they’re asked to explore what colour might sound like. That’s done in a room decorated with murals bearing inspiring messages.  And what happens when you emerge from the room with your colour? Well, you end up on a dance floor, complete with a disco ball and a dance move to go with your colour.

The Color Factory proves that cool immersive experiences don’t have to rely on technological wizardry. A fun sensory experience can be achieved with simple clever artistic ideas.

And if the U.S. is a little too far to travel for a colourful trip out, the team behind the attraction have their sights firmly set on London, so watch this space!

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