The Business Creative 2022 Highlights

Ben O'Hara

Director and Co-Founder

December 15, 2022

2022 has been an incredible year for The Business Creative, for so many different reasons.  First and foremost, as I sit here to write this now, I am most grateful that the company is still here at all.  After a couple of very tough few years, throughout which we saw many business fold, great people lose their jobs, and a general uncertainty as to whether our industry would ever truly bounce back, I am so grateful (and count ourselves very lucky) that we made it through, largely unscathed.

This year we’ve produced some amazing entertainment experiences and it’s really tough to pick out a favourite. We’ve Unlocked the Park, made you T.H.I.N.K, created Sounds Of The Seas overseas, played Sounds Of The Wilderness in the woods, Haunted an Express Train in a theme park and Lost Luna’s Spell at the zoo (don’t worry, we found it again). We’ve created concepts for the World Cup in Doha, we’ve made diggers dance throughout the UK, and we’ve devised puzzle adventures in several different countries around the world (in several different languages) – and that’s really just scratching the surface!

For me, the highlight of 2022 has to be about the people. It goes without saying that I feel blessed every single day to work with the most amazing business partner, colleague and friend, Jane Maguire Goble. Together, we’ve built (and are continuing to grow) the most incredible team, consisting of our exceptionally talented core team, freelancers, suppliers, coaches, consultants, mentors and gurus, and not to forget, of course, a bunch of wonderful clients who give us the most amazing opportunities and make us feel truly valued. All of these people have helped shape The Business Creative into what it is today and I am so grateful for the input and influence from each and every person involved.

I truly believe that what we do matters. I believe that entertainment experiences are an important and powerful component in world where escaping reality for a short time is no longer a luxury but more a necessity. Our work transports people to other worlds, making them adventurers, explorers, stars of a TV gameshow, or, sometimes it just gives them permission to smile for a moment or two. I am hugely proud of the stories we tell and the work we produce.

Not only that, but I am so pleased that we have successfully picked up on our trajectory of growth that we were forced to pause at the beginning of the pandemic. A renewed energy and drive feels like it’s been bestowed upon us, and believe me when I say we’re aiming high. It’s genuinely the most excited I’ve felt about running a business since Jane and I started the company back in 2010. We have huge plans, incredible ideas, and a stellar team in place to deliver on all levels.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us this year. Whether you’ve created, guided, guru’d consulted, marketed, operated, administrated, supported, supplied, freelanced, full-timed or part-timed, whether you’ve presented opportunities or facilitated our incredible solutions – we appreciate you. A wise man once said ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and nothing could be truer when it comes to The Business Creative.

Merry Christmas and we’ll see you in 2023!

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