The Big London Bake

Ben O'Hara

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November 5, 2021

More and more, we’re seeing television concepts transformed into live events. It’s a well-recognised fact that an audience’s thirst is no longer being quenched by simply watching these concepts on their flat screens. There’s an absolute desire to take part, to be immersed in the action and feel exactly what those contestants or participants are feeling. The audience now wants to be part of the episodic brand scheduled for their viewing on a weekly basis.  

Now, you can’t beat a bit of feel good TV like The Great British Bake Off … but what’s brilliant is you can now become a real life contestant.

We love a sweet treat, and The Big London Bake has whipped up this baking event. Under the roof of a fully kitted out open air marquee, there are 12 stations where you take part in a real life baking competition. Against a 90-minute clock, you’ll show off your culinary skills and compete against other bakers. We say there’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition!

There are no half measures here as your bakes are judged, just like on the TV show but without the cameras. Will this be a recipe for disaster or the icing on the cake!

Go on your own or with a group. No experience required, just some imagination and, of course, a bit of creativity. What more do you knead!

This sounds like a dollop of fun, so get those sleeves rolled up, set the timer, and let the baking begin. After all, the proof really is in the pudding!

For more information about this tasty event, check it out here:


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