Pop Golf

Ben O'Hara

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August 23, 2021

Sometimes you don’t need to start from scratch in order to ‘be creative’. In fact, why reinvent the wheel when you can create something amazing by simply reimagining the cogs! We are seeing an ever-increasing trend of turning popular retro games and activities into something cool and trendy. Bingo is a great example. We recently worked with Haven Holidays to produce ‘Haven’s Full House’, a bonkers bingo concept that can be enjoyed by all generations. Crazy golf is another iconic British favourite that perhaps conjures up memories of a blustery seafront with a waterlogged course featuring tacky prop items that have seen better days (usually a fake windmill for some reason!). However, crazy golf has now become a cool social activity with a number of venues, including Swingers, which operates two London venues, and Puttshack, which has three venues in Lakeside, White City and Bank. The latest concept, however, opened in Boxpark in London earlier this year. ‘Pop Golf’ is Crazy Golf in a pop music video! With a well appointed sound system and nine vibrantly themed holes, the experience tells a story and is also a celebration of music.

The design team set out with the intention of creating a cool-looking and fun yet challenging indoor course.

Reactive audio technology adds dimension to gameplay, and the ‘sound lounge’ area provides a high-quality audio experience in between rounds.

Pop Golf aims to create fully immersive gameplay in a crazy golf venue that feels as if you’re moving between dramatically different pop music worlds.

The venue’s design certainly owes its inspiration to recognisable pop promos through the years. From cassette tapes and boomboxes, to a set inspired by Drake’s ‘Hotline Bling’ video, each hole is especially different.

The result is purpose built for social sharing and an unforgettable social experience. After all, it only takes one fabulous pop song to bring back a million memories.

Cod Steaks, an award-winning Bristol-based creative design and build team, developed and built all the courses and the show lighting at Pop Golf. It’s located at BOXPARK Wembley and opened in May 2021. 

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