Pick ‘n’ Mixing State of the Art Technology with Live Entertainment

Ben O'Hara

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July 2, 2021

This month’s been an epic one for The Business Creative team. We’ve been putting our creative expertise to the test collaborating with a fantastic UK holiday park operator. Here we’re keen to share what we’ve been up to.

With our reputation for innovative thinking (outside the box and around the corner again!), our clients came to us as the go-to experts in standout original content. Creative memorable entertainment is at the core of our business, so we were tasked to design and produce a unique light entertainment show for all the family.

We developed Pick ‘n’ Mix – a bespoke, spectacular family gameshow where teams compete in a ”one of a kind” live interactive experience. Partnering with The NRM Group, we integrated their Jigsaw technology with our live entertainment know-how and passion to produce a thrilling package.

Collaboration with The NRM Group

Partnering with The NRM Group to fulfil the client’s brief, we used their Jigsaw touchscreen entertainment technology to produce an exclusive, innovative and exciting event, fusing the live on-stage action with NRM’s Jigsaw system. We seamlessly integrated their existing advanced technology with our creative format.

The entertainment concept is driven by a variety of fantastical styled multimedia on huge LED screens, combined with smartphone technology, allowing incredible interactivity. NRM’s Jigsaw system allows audiences to send pictures, take part in quizzes and place votes all from smartphone devices – creating a truly unique, interactive experience.

Working closely with NRM resulted in an industry-first, real-time game show production, where the whole audience plays along, answering quiz questions, playing against each other. Using NRM’s Jigsaw ‘Custom Organiser’ function means unparalleled ease of operation during shows.

Memorable connection

The Business Creative love, love, LOVE connecting people through extraordinary experiences – it’s our bread and butter and we excel at it.

We knew immediately we were the right team for this brief as we fully understand how audiences are ready and eager to consume live performance differently.  Not only do we have a diverse background within the entertainment, tourism and leisure industries, we understand the powerful connection that storytelling brings. As well as our reputation and ability to integrate the clever use of cutting-edge technology in live entertainment products.

We all love holidays. What makes the best of them special is vivid memories shared with others that leave a lasting impression. We use our original ideas and innovative skills to combine technology and entertainment to produce totally unique events.

Our vision for Pick ‘n’ Mix allows the whole family to work together to win prizes and most importantly have fun. These special moments elicit strong emotions, resonating deeply and hitting at the heart of an audience. Ultimately, these feelings will transport them back to the place where they shared joy, laughter and connection as a family.

What our creatives did

Our specialist designers, Motion Graphics team and video editors worked closely to build a striking visual identity for Pick ‘n’ Mix that makes excellent use of the onstage large formal LED screens – giving a TV game show feel to the production.

To capture the audience’s attention our creative team crafted a series of quirky, impactful and memorable interactive game show rounds. Featuring music, videos, quiz questions and voting – all carefully curated to complement the fun lively theme of the event.

What stands out about this concept and makes it unique is the modular content. This allows sites to run shorter or longer versions of the gameshow depending on needs with optional rounds. Pick the content, Mix it up to guarantee guests will feel like kids in a sweet shop!

We also produced a training video, full operational  guidelines and conducted a series of training webinars for our clients’ teams.

Your memorable experience

If you’ve got a sweet tooth and want to know more about Pick ‘n’ Mix, or you want to see more of our inventive work, then get in touch today. We’re excited to share our creative energy and ideas with you! Contact us

Looking to create exceptional experiences? The Business Creative break new ground with fresh concepts and diverse ways of thinking to create original entertaining moments. We produce activity programmes, live entertainment, immersive experiences and digital games for the leisure and tourism industry.

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