The key to excellent entertainment production is the ability to interpret and implement a multitude of creative concepts, safely, on time and in budget. We’re proud to provide the best creative entertainment production thanks to the people we work with; from the best production managers, event managers, costume makers, scriptwriters…

… choreographers, set designers, project managers, make-up artists, digital designers, videographers, app designers, social media strategists, and web developers… (did we get them all?) You get the picture – whatever we produce is exceptional, because of the exceptional people we work with.

We pride ourselves on an open and transparent production process. We use a cloud-based platform to share our project plans, allowing us to capture, manage, automate and report on the work we are doing. We thrive on collaboration and making sure the process fits for our clients like a glove. We’ll agree and build as many or as few sign-off points as you desire, and ensure our work is validated and approved at every step of the journey.

Whilst our Project Managers skilfully stitch the multiple components of each project together, like a fine couture garment, the production team work like rockstars to deliver each bespoke entertainment product with the impact of a Black Sabbath gig and the subtlety of quiet piano concerto (work that one out!)

From brand activations to event production, from technical installations to experiential events, from family creative concepts to light entertainment formats, our production standards are first class. We assess the risks, we state our methods, we do it safely and comply with legislation (we’re very proud of our ‘Safecontractor’ status). What more could you ask for?