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Kaz Forrest

Business Support Manager

May 23, 2023

Following on from our last month’s newsletter where we talked about our curiosity for immersive experiences, why we visit them and what we get from them, and on the hunt for some new creative inspiration, I decided to take a closer look at some immersive experiences and chose three that I’d love to go and visit this year:

I absolutely love a quiz and Gameshow Studios is set to open this Autumn in London. If you’re looking for a game-show experience, Gameshow Studios has been inspired by some of our favourite TV game shows. Set around a ‘state-of-the-art gaming table’, guests will sit in luxury booths with a buzzer at hand and the chance to experience the thrill of being a TV contestant (but without the cameras!) This sounds a whole lot of fun and right up my street. Throw in a couple of cocktails and I’m sure this will be a memorable experience.

BBC Earth Experience at the Daikin Centre in London has been open a couple of months now. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough, this one-hour experience will take you on a ‘360-degree audio-visual journey’ using very clever technology! Via video footage from Seven Worlds, One Planet, habitats from the world’s seven continents are projected onto the walls of this purpose-built event. I really enjoy watching Sir David Attenborough and as well as being highly educational and so important, this is such an inspiring way of being able to journey through and become a part of our natural world. This is definitely one for me.

Candlelight Concerts are held at Manchester Cathedral, where talented musicians pay tribute to some of the world’s most beloved artists including some of my favourites such as Fleetwood Mac, Queen and ABBA! The cathedral is a spectacular venue and what an exciting way to use this magnificent space. The sound quality is excellent and the candles add a touch of romance to these magical events. I’ve already seen a couple of these performances but will definitely be going again!

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