My visit to Chester Zoo

Karen Forrest

August 25, 2022

The last time I went to Chester Zoo was over 15 years ago when I went with my two children. I recently had the opportunity to visit again, and it was an incredible day out. 

Since I last visited, the zoo has moved into a more interactive experience by use of an app which provides you with a guide for the day so you can plan to see everything – like I wanted to!

The feel of open space at the zoo, the animal habitats, and beautiful gardens, all made for such an enjoyable experience. The animals are very well cared for, and you can see the dedication of the team who are all so friendly and helpful. 

The bat house is both exciting and a bit alarming at first as your eyes adjust to the darkness. It was lovely to stand quietly still and take in their cool habitat and listen to the sounds of their wings as they moved around just above you.

The penguins are cheeky and pelt past the viewing area as fast as they can, almost like they know you’re trying to take a photo! The butterfly enclosure is so peaceful, and I spent a long time in there really looking at all the different varieties of butterflies and taking time to notice just how beautiful and fragile they are.

The highlight for me was watching the giraffes taking their time (a message to us all) to stroll around and later being fed. They are so graceful and calm, and this was the most relaxing part of the day, sat under the shade of a tree absorbing this magical moment.

Whilst strolling around the various enclosures and reading all of the information, I started to get a better understanding of the animals as well as the environmental problems that have threatened some of them. That’s what makes Chester Zoo so special – they care, and it shows.

Sustainability is so important to me, and the zoo has a very clear message on sustainability which includes no plastic. There are plenty of bins encouraging recycling and the whole place feels looked after and well-tended to and somewhere you can relax and take it all in.

I love animals and this was a real treat of a day out. Making memories is so important and this enjoyable day will stay with me!

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