My Roller Coaster Year

Mark Lofthouse

Creative Operations Manager at The Business Creative

December 15, 2022

Well, 2022 has been an absolute whirlwind for me!

This year has been a true roller coaster ride (which for a theme park enthusiast is entertaining), filled with ups and downs. I’m going to give you a run down of the year…

January came along, I stepped back into the manufacturing business that I used to manage, to find out that the company was being liquidated. Yes, that’s right, no, “How was your Christmas?” or ,“I see you’ve eaten well over Christmas 👀”, but instead a, “Sorry to say you’ve lost your job.”

Not how I had intended to start the year!

Luckily, I’ve been freelance before, so I took a week to decide my outcome before putting myself back on the market of opportunities through LinkedIn. The work started to come in thick and fast for the coming months – all was looking OK. But then, fate knocked on my door in the way of Ben O’Hara, one of The Business Creative’s directors.

An opportunity had arisen to get back into the world of entertainment and themed attractions after a post-covid hiatus from the industry and a way back into doing what I love best – creating magic.

I’m incredibly thankful to both Ben and Jane for taking me onboard in February this year. It’s truly given me new life and a surge of energy to create unforgettable experiences again. I, like a lot of people, was a little disheartened following the pandemic and closed-door policy on the themed entertainment industry. But the truth is, I didn’t realise how much I’d missed it.

Following February, the projects have come thick and fast. My role stretches over multiple disciplines within the business and I enjoy working alongside some of the truly best colleagues you could ask for. We’ve brought audible worlds to life through immersive audio technology, created a puzzling outdoor escape experience, and even conjured up a Halloween augmented reality trail in one of the nation’s favourite zoos!

And this is only the beginning. We have big plans for 2023 onwards and will be working on some really new, unique, innovative and immersive experiences worldwide, generating unforgettable moments that create lifelong memories for thousands and thousands of people. I simply cannot wait for what the future holds.

What had the potential to be one of the worst years, has in fact become one of the best!

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