Monopoly Lifesized!

Ben O'Hara

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June 16, 2021

As you probably know by now, we like to do things differently at The Business Creative.  Likewise, we love it when others take the same approach and that’s exactly why we’re so excited about the pending opening of Monopoly Lifesized – London’s newest immersive experience attraction, opening in August, by Hasbro and Gamepath.

Featuring everyone’s favourite and iconic Monopoly staples, such as Free Parking, Chance Cards and the dreaded Go To Jail, the experience aims to put players directly into a ‘life-sized’ (funnily enough) game of Monopoly, where players will tackle mental and physical puzzles, alongside a dedicated app.  Teams of up to 6 players will move around a full size board, participating in challenges as they ‘acquire properties’ and ‘earn money’.

Monopoly Lifesized will consist of a 75-minute gameplay segment on a 15 x 15m board, featuring the iconic properties, with each board capable of hosting between eight and 24 people split into four teams, all playing against each other.  You even get a chance to play one of 4 boards, Classic, City, Vault or Junior… excellent excuse to return for more!

We’re especially excited about this one as our good friends at Clockwork Dog have been appointed as Gameplay consultants and to work on operations.

We know that audiences want the opportunity to consume live performance differently.  With Monopoly leading the boardgames market year in, year out, this seems like an ideal opportunity to put the audience right at the centre of this treasured intellectual property.  

Promising ‘a dynamic, lively interactive experience and a great night out’ we can’t wait to get it booked!

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