May your days be merry and light!

Jamie Greaves

Creative Producer at The Business Creative

November 29, 2022

The LED light has transformed lighting beyond imagination. Even in our homes we have an array of amazing products with 16 million colours to play with, enabling anyone that is obsessed with lights or light sensitive (that’s me) to create wonderful scenes at home, literally painting the room with light, changing the scenes at the touch of a button, ‘lighting your mood’, and changing your environment from office, to cinema, to cocktail lounge to nightclub! (See my instagram for evidence!).

Of course, this lighting revolution has also massively affected what can be achieved creatively in the professional lighting arena, and maybe that’s the reason there seems to be a surge of magical light trails and light exhibitions popping up this festive season, many featuring spectrums of LEDs, projections, water projections, holograms, floodlights, moving lights, lasers, strobes, and interactive wizardry.  Below are a couple of my favourites worth checking out:

Glow at Wisley 

Features a retina dazzling display with fire gardens, fountain displays, colourful lights bathing their trees and shrubs, and an installation that makes their conservatory look like a horticultural nightclub! (It looks amazing).

Epping Ongar Light Fantastic

A truly wonderful experience of lights and music onboard the Epping Ongar Railway, featuring a specially designed show to highlight the stations, rural setting and woodlands.  The magic begins as soon as you arrive at Ongar. As the train makes a grand arrival, marvel at the brightly lit carriages. And once on board the train, let the magic unfold as the music plays and the story begins, as you experience the fantastic illuminations, and amazing displays that can only be seen from the comfort of your seat.


Lightopia are a company specialising in light trails and have installations this year in London, Manchester, Brussels, and at the Alton Towers Resort, with each location having a unique festive theme. All of their locations promise spectacular installations, interactive light experiences, and magical illuminated trails, with the experience at Alton Towers featuring, immersive projections, and a water show finale!

Blenheim Palace 

For something on a grander scale, the birthplace of Winston Churchill throws an annual light trail around its gardens, complete with glittering lake reflections and mesmerising flames in the ‘fire garden’ and the interior of the palace is transformed into the Kingdom of the Snow Queen!

The above are just a handful of what’s on offer. There are numerous light trails and experiences to explore taking place up and down the country this year. Or perhaps you may decide to get creative and design your own light show! Check out companies like Twinkly, Nanaoleaf and Philips Hue who all have an amazing range of domestic lighting products for the home and garden that will impress your friends and family! (More on this in a future newsletter).

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