Magical Moments

Karen Forrest

Business Support Manager

January 31, 2023

In December, the team got together to enjoy a face-to-face Christmas extravaganza! These moments mean a lot to us because we’re spread out across the country working remotely, and nothing beats a good old rendezvous to round off the year!

As you know, we love a storytelling experience and things kicked off at The Great Christmas Feast in London. As ‘Dickens’ guests of honour’ we were in for a real treat as the classic, A Christmas Carol, played out live around us. The music, set and lighting made for a very real atmosphere, and throughout the show there was plenty of audience participation including dancing which made it feel as if we were part of the performance. We enjoyed a fine feast with all the trimmings in between acts along with one or two sherries!

The event was truly magical and we were all blown away by the brilliant actor who performed most of the roles. All in all, a real winner of a show with a sterling cast and we loved every minute of it.

Next on to cocktails at Evans & Peel Detective Agency, where no case is ‘too big or too small’. After a good grilling by a very convincing detective, we settled in for unique and tasty cocktails and a moment to sit around the table together and have a good chat and catch up with plenty of laughter all round.

This was a fabulous treat of a Christmas do for our brilliant team and certainly one to remember! It’s safe to say we all thoroughly enjoyed seeing each other and we’re looking forward to our next get together soon.



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