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Jane Maguire

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September 29, 2022

Over the past week or so, my feed on LinkedIn has been a steady flow of posts all relating to IAAPA Europe which was held at Excel between 12th-15th September. It is so apparent that this Expo was a huge success for most of the attendees and that the general consensus of opinion was that there is a real buzz in the industry, and these are exciting times for leisure attractions.

My personal opinion of the Expo is exactly that it was probably (hand on heart) the most productive Expo that Ben and I have ever attended. From the moment we arrived to the moment we left we were conversing with suppliers, clients and colleagues, and learning about new products and the latest trends.

We had the opportunity to meet with a number of trade associations and the message from them was very clear … the attraction world is well and truly open for business and in fact, thriving!

New attractions are opening, investments are being made into existing venues, and opportunities are opening for creative businesses across the globe.

It’s so refreshing to see how businesses are working together to form collaborations and partnerships and combining skill sets and becoming industry powerhouses. What a great way to work and a positive change to working in a ‘dog eat dog’ world where everyone is out for what they can get without a thought or concern for anyone else.

Here at The Business Creative, we welcome this approach and are actively exploring ways in which we can form alliances with other businesses and freelancers and strengthen our offering (especially in the overseas market). We will always want to maintain a healthy client base of our own but as part of our growth strategy, want to adopt this new way of working and embrace it with open arms!

Next stop was Brand Licensing Expo, again held at Excel, and yet another great event. The theme this year was ‘Fashion’ and during our time there we were ‘FROW’ for the Sonic The Hedgehog Catwalk which was great fun and excellently produced!

However, the main focus of the day for Mark Lofthouse and I was to have follow up meetings regarding the potential new IPs which we hope to be working with in the very near future.

Overall, it’s been a very successful week Expo wise, and it feels great to be back in the throng of things. October sees a break from us going back to Excel, but all systems go again in November when World Travel Market comes to town. Bring it on!

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