Jamie’s first Glastonbury in Moments Emotions & Memories!

Jamie Greaves

Creative Director at The Business Creative

July 28, 2022


The moment I received the ticket was the realisation that I was committed! It’s a beautifully designed ticket with your photo and detailed with gold leaf – literally like a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket! Rolled over from 2020 and the 50th anniversary of the event meant tickets sold out instantly with over 2 million people clambering for 200,000 tickets. I was still reluctant to go, despite my friends (who have attended many times previously) insisting I would love it. The thought of camping for four days with no home comforts (showers and proper toilets) was constantly telling me otherwise!

So, with no going back, the four-day Glasto adventure was soon a reality and filled with moments, including a small car accident on the way (for one moment I thought we may have to turn back… every cloud!). Then a two-hour hike carrying an extra-large laundry bag trying to find somewhere to camp. And that first toilet moment (no additional detail needed!). This was then followed by the moment you realise just how lucky you are to be at the world’s most famous and most extraordinary music festival – Glastonbury!


I went through many emotions during the four days, both physical and mental. It’s physically exhausting. It’s an endurance test. It’s big (around the size of 500 football pitches!). It’s madness! But it’s also magical, wondrous, and spectacular. Experiences that trigger the amazing positive emotions make it all worthwhile! 

There are over 100 stages hosting over 3000 performances. The production is outstanding, from the large stages that you see on TV to the smaller venues and stages across the site. The sound, lighting, and in some cases extraordinary installations, are first class! Full-scale nightclubs and venues are temporary structures that are theme-park quality. This was often more interesting to me than the huge concert stages. Dance arenas with fire and flame effects that you could hear from across the site sparked excitement and anticipation as you made your way closer to witness the most powerful sky-souring lasers I have ever seen. It’s those things that make it an emotional experience!


Highlights would include singing along with Diana Ross (with tens of thousands of others). Dancing to Calvin Harris under the awe-inspiring Arcadia Spider! Proudly watching outstanding queer performances from Years & Years and the Pet Shop Boys. Dancing in a New York themed night club in the middle of a Somerset farm!  It just goes to show, if you can truly create moments that evoke emotions in your audience, you will create the strongest connection with them.

If you’ve never been to Glastonbury, try your best to attend. It’s a lottery ticket but if you win, it’s impossible not to create magical memories that will last a lifetime!

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