From Page to Platform!

Jamie Greaves

Creative Producer at The Business Creative

December 15, 2022

As Creative Producer at the Business Creative, I do consider myself lucky to get to work on the artistic side of the business, and it’s an absolute joy to see concepts and ideas that start as a small scribble on my very messy notepad come to life as they get developed, presented, and then ultimately produced and enjoyed by our clients and their customers. Of course, this all takes a huge team effort and again, I’m incredibly lucky to work with the most amazing team, including a small but unbelievably talented team of creative wizards that include music producers, graphic designers, video editors, writers and directors. Our company ethos is about creating Moments, Emotions and Memories, and throughout 2022 our creative team has created the above in abundance! That’s why it’s hard for me to pick out a single highlight. However, when recently flicking through my aforementioned scribbly notepad, I came across some of my initial notes for a concept that turned out to be a real star attraction and a real credit to our creative team (my messy notes include some suggested names and music suggestions)!

It was Mark our Creative Operations Manager that came up with the idea that we should create an immersive audio experience for Drayton Manor Theme Park using the existing Polperro Express train ride. Internally, we loved the idea and luckily so did the team at Drayton Manor! Our team was then set the task of creating a completely new style Halloween theme park attraction. The Haunted Express was born and as with any creative project, it didn’t come without challenge!   The story line was revised, the level of ‘scare’ was adjusted, the music and soundtrack were scrutinised and fine tuned, and logistics were questioned – will the train travel at the correct speed each time to match the soundtrack? Will the headphones work on a moving train? Will the actors (Drayton’s amazing team of ride operators!) integrate effectively with the experience? However, amazingly – and unlike the current National Rail Service – this train journey left the platform bang on time and to the delight of all its passengers, with many requesting a return journey (as pointed out in some of the wonderful online reviews below):

  • Easily the best of the new audio-led scare attractions this year. 🙂
  • Haunted Express… No words but perfection.
  • The haunted express. That’s it. That’s the tweet.
  • It really was! By far one of my favourite scare experience I’ve done this spooky season.

Congratulations to the team who worked on the Haunted Express, and I’m looking forward to creating more wonderful memories with you in 2023!

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