Expedition Saving Species

Ben O'Hara

Director and Co-Founder

September 29, 2022

Once upon time, many, many years ago, educators didn’t use dazzling PowerPoint presentations, overhead projectors or even chalkboards. They quite simply shared their knowledge through stories. At The Business Creative, we know the educational power of stories that have been recognised for centuries and we also know that immersing an audience in a compelling story is always the best way to create the strongest memories.

With this in mind, when Chester Zoo asked us to work alongside them to create an interactive entertainment experience that clearly conveys their conservation aims and puts the audience at the heart of the action, we knew it was time to bring out the big guns. Ladies and gentlemen of the class of 22, let us introduce to you… Expedition Saving Species.

Expedition Saving Species is a totally new and unique transformational experience that immerses guests into the fictional world of ‘renowned nature documentarian’ Elizabeth Terrin, whose research notes have been scattered around the zoo. With a worldwide audience standing by, Elizabeth needs adventurers’ help to track down the notes. To add extra pressure, the information has been secretly encoded to prevent it falling into the wrong hands. By searching for clues, solving puzzles, and cracking riddles, guests use their field kit and tablet to save the notes from being lost forever.

With no walls, doors or boundaries, players are free to roam the zoo, racing against the clock to solve, sleuth and puzzle their way through the game, interacting with seven physical puzzle stations, receiving coded messages from Ms Terrin throughout.  

This concept is more than just a puzzle-based game. It’s a transformational journey that takes all the thrill, excitement and immersion of an escape room and mixes it with the critical conservation and biodiversity aims and aspirations of the UK’s largest and most visited zoo. It’s ‘edu-tainment’ in the purest sense.


The bespoke software is the magic that runs the operation of Expedition Saving Species. No technician, games master or actors are needed. The built-in artificial intelligence keeps track of time and points throughout the game. Adventurers can also access hints and clues to help them on their way and the system will even hurry them along, should they be taking a little too much time!


The creative team worked very closely with the team at Chester Zoo, ensuring each and every element of the story and game is factually correct and that we accurately convey and reaffirm Chester Zoo’s conservation and biodiversity aims. Adventurers will learn about endangered animals, rainforests, bees, the African Savanna, and even experience a coastal adventure… all whilst being totally immersed in the adventure.


Expert storytelling, high-end video production and stunning graphic design mixed with the very best puzzle development are just a few of the elements that contribute to this unique thematic experience. We’re so confident adventurers will enjoy the experience we’ve even built in a second game so that guests can return and play again.


At The Business Creative, we thrive on creating experiences through compelling storytelling. Our experiences deliver emotional impact, creating unique memories that will truly connect your audience to your brand. What story have you got to tell? Get in touch to see how we can create something transformational together.

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