Dalí Cybernetics: The Immersive Experience

Kaz Forrest

Business Support Manager

April 28, 2023

Our business is all about creativity and telling compelling stories. We’re constantly on the look out for new inspiration and, as a team, we’re encouraged to visit as many stand-out experiences as possible, both to expand our knowledge and broaden our horizons. Following the success in Barcelona, Dalí Cybernetics: The Immersive Experience has come to London. I recently had the opportunity to visit … and it was a memorable visit that I can thoroughly recommend!

On arrival at this a futuristic exhibition, there is some written information providing an insight into the life and works of Salvador Dalí followed by a short video of him being interviewed.

Then sit back in the 360º digital art exhibition and enjoy Dalí’s surrealist masterpieces on floor to ceiling screens. I really enjoyed being in that moment as his work rolled past accompanied by an amazing soundtrack. You’re prompted at points to wear 3D glasses which really make the art pop and even though this is a simple concept, it still feels surreal as shapes and images seem to jump right out! It was fun to see the children there enjoying 3D and chasing imaginary things around the room … it really does feel like you’ve stepped right into a painting and I left feeling relaxed and inspired by such brilliant artwork that included holograms and AI.

Following that, for 15 minutes you can enter the metaverse (via a VR headset) and watch your digital avatar walk around Dali’s most recognisable works.

I love having the opportunity to visit unique entertainment experiences such as these. It goes without saying that they inspire creative contributions to many of the projects we work on. But also, they’re just really good fun and a great way to make long lasting memories with friends and family!

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