Christmas is Cancelled!

Jamie Greaves

Creative Producer at The Business Creative

November 29, 2022

When A tour of Elf Town at the Crealy Theme Park in Devon is interrupted by the news that CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED, an adventure ensues where guests need to work with the Elves to find out the truth.  

Don’t panic! Christmas isn’t really cancelled! This is our latest immersive audio creation in conjunction with Crealy Theme Park that went live at the end of November.

So, is Christmas really cancelled? 

It must be true because it’s printed all over the Christmas Times!  Along the way, guests meet a whole host of festive friends and join the investigation. Once presents are piled under Christmas trees and Grandma Elf’s decorations and Christmas lights have been hung with care, they find themselves at the door of Humbug Grumpkins … the naughtiest, grumpiest elf in town. Although Humbug seems shocked by the news (is that the sound of a newspaper printing machine inside his house?) could he really have made the whole thing up just so that people were as grumpy as him at Christmas time? The elves show old Mr Grumpkins that everyone has a chance to be happy at Christmas and no-one, not even a grumpy old humbug like him, should be alone. Just when it seems the day is saved, Humbug thinks that the sky is falling, but it’s just started to snow … and when the snow falls, an elf party calls! 

Following the success of our recent Halloween immersive audio trail ‘Sounds of The Wilderness – A Witches Immersive Tale’, this new festive offering follows as the second concept in the ‘Sounds of the Wilderness’ series. Set once again in the fabulous woodland area at Crealy, guests will wear headphones and enter a magical world driven by a specially created heartwarming soundtrack packed with Christmas sparkle, familiar festive songs, and a decent helping of elf humour! Our talented studio team again developed the soundtrack to the experience alongside the creative team, using state of the art technology, providing the listener with a natural (‘life-like’) three-dimensional sound experience. Using wireless headsets for the audience, this immersive audio creates the sensation of height all around the audience, transporting them into a more thrilling, deeper, and for Christmas, a more magical audio experience.

In addition, we worked with veteran West End performer and directer Tom Oakley to stage the live-action provided by a team of five talented live performers, who interact seamlessly with the soundtrack, bringing the whole experience to life and encouraging the guests to interact and participate to help save Christmas!

To add an extra layer of magic, a number of theatrical effects have also been built into the narrative to help guests fully immersive themselves into the experience. The soundtrack, and live performance elements really come to life when combined with lighting, fog, real snow, the smell of baking cookies, bubbles falling from the trees, and fire and flame effects providing some extra wows!

‘Sounds of The Wilderness – An Immersive Christmas Adventure’ can be experienced at Crealy Theme Park on selected dates between 26th November – 23rd December where you can also enjoy their other seasonal Christmas attractions including a NEW Meet & Greet with Santa experience, Sooty’s Christmas Show, and a LIVE Ice Show!

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