Chaos Karts

Ben O'Hara

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August 23, 2021

If you’ve read this far, you’ll probably already know that combining technology and entertainment is what really gives us a buzz at The Business Creative. That’s why we can’t wait to get our ourselves booked in to experience one of London’s newest attractions, Chaos Karts. Now, most of us have experienced Go-karting at one time or another. A few of us have experienced Augmented Reality concepts….at one time or another. But up until now, there’s aren’t many of us who have experienced of a combination of both, and we think it’s a BRILLIANT idea.

Chaos Karts places players directly into a virtual world where they can live inside a real life video game to race-battle with their friends whilst driving actual go-karts. The experience makes clever use of a digitally projected world, connecting the physical vehicles with a virtual track. Players can cruise through the streets of London, the Nevada Desert, Florida beaches or even outer space…with all these environments being created at the touch of a button.

And of course, what video game would be complete without the option to ‘power-up’ and use ‘weapons’ such as laser guns, hammers bombs and speed boats to add an extra bit of game-play competition. As the experience uses a ‘virtual’ track, there are no obstacles for drivers to negotiate and anti-collision technology prevents karts from crashing into each other.

We all know that immersive experiences are here to stay. We also know that audiences are no longer satisfied with being passive observers of the experience, no matter how immersed we are. We want to take part. We want to BE the experience…and, for us, the gamification of immersive experiences is an absolutely brilliant next step.

Of course, if all this is a bit much for you…our favourite dodgems at the end of Brighton Pier aren’t going anywhere soon (and we love them too!). Check out Chaos Karts at

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