An interview with Bob McGowan, Head of Guest Experience at Ambassador Cruise Lines. (Travel.Radio EP 12)

January 20, 2022

On Saturday night, we had the season finale of our Saturday night radio show, Wish You Were Queer on Travel Radio, the only radio show dedicated to LGBTQ+ travel, and we had all the usual fun queer features! 

In the Hotseat this week, we had Bob McGowan, Head of Guest Experience at Ambassador Cruise Lines. Bob has a varied background in travel and he shares with us his top holiday destinations for single gay men and trends in cruise holidays, including food experiences and gastronomical excellence with celebrity chefs. Bob and Jamie also discuss the differences and perks between choosing to sail with a smaller ship compared to a larger ship, dependent on what suits your holiday needs. 

We had our weekly Top or Bottom feature, where we put together information from across the globe relating to where is good to travel as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and where is not so good. The US ranked bottom. Within the first week of 2022, seven US states have proposed nine bills that would roll back the rights of trans and non-binary youth. The UK also ranked bottom with a homophobic attack, and we also had to mark down the Caribbean. 

On Top, we had France, as they abolish absurd barriers to blood donations for gay and bisexual men. We had a story about a billionaire in Utah making a grand donation to LGBT+ groups and we also had Canada ranking in the top spot. 

And of course, we had another fantastic tip from Gareth Howell from the Instagram page @Hunsnet, with his advice for Huns that like to Holibob, exclusive to Wish you Were Queer. This week’s focus was on those all-important airport rituals!

Visit Travel Radio to listen to the full show on-demand:

If you would like to just watch Bob’s interview, here’s the video!



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