Behind The QR (Nice ‘R’s!)

Jamie Greaves

Creative Director at The Business Creative

August 25, 2022

As we try to find new and innovative ways to introduce personal tech into our concepts, we often find ourselves in creative meetings and client pitches talking a load of ‘R’s!  More specifically. QR / AR / WebAR and VR. The minute our clients hear this bunch of techie sounding letters in pitches their ears prick up with interest, and in fact during the last 12 months has seen an increase in us producing concepts that feature at least one of the ‘R’s.

But what are the ‘R’s and how have we integrated them into our concepts? Let’s look at three of them in more detail.


QR – Full name: Quick Response Code

The QR code is basically a barcode on steroids. It holds information both horizontally and vertically, enabling it to hold over a hundred times more information than the humble barcode. Invented in 1994 by Japanese engineer Hara Masahiro, it was slightly ahead of its time. In fact, as recent as the 2010s you needed to download a variety of apps to scan various codes. But in 2017 iPhones with iOS 11 were able to read QR codes using just the standard camera app, meaning quick and direct access to advertising and marketing campaigns, joining Wi-Fi networks, accessing product information and, of course, seeing a huge rise in use during the pandemic, providing venue check-ins, menus, and remote food and beverage ordering. For visitor attractions the QR code is great for quickly providing the guest with more information or instantly directing them to an enhanced fun experience without downloading another app or in fact needing to be part of the attraction’s main website. A QR code is a great way to instantly access a WebAR experience.


WebAR – Full name: Web-based Augmented Reality

A technology that allows users to access AR (see below) experiences directly from their smartphones. As there’s no need for any downloading, people can enjoy the immersive and unique experience of AR on-demand on most operating systems, mobile devices, and web browser without downloading a separate app. And with the ability to integrate gesture control and motion tracking we’ve been able to work with developers to create interactive trails, fitness activities, and fun face filters for social media sharing all through WebAR platforms, not only enhancing guest experiences but providing an everlasting and unique memory at the same time.


AR – Full name: Augmented Reality

A technology that lets people superimpose digital content (images, sounds, text) over a real-world environment. AR experiences rely on a smartphones camera to view the real world around them on the screen and an AR application (this could be WebAR) to enhance that world with digital overlays i.e., inserting characters or objects, changing colours or backgrounds, or changing the user’s appearance via filters built into social media platforms.

Rumour has it that Apple are soon to launch AR glasses, letting wearers experience AR without looking down at their phone! We can’t wait to experience this for ourselves and the mind boggles as to what this will lead us to create in the future!

If you’d like to talk to us about or any of our other creative concepts, get in touch.  We’d love to talk R’s with you!

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