A look at the Eurovision 2022 Production

Jamie Greaves

Creative Director at The Business Creative

June 30, 2022

The 66th Eurovision Song Contest kicked off in spectacular form last month as 25 countries competed in the grand final round in Turin, Italy. The glittering extravaganza saw Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra take the crown

Eurovision is the world’s biggest music show and as much as we love the camp nonsense that surrounds the competition, the production is always jaw dropping!  Synonymous with extravagant design, lighting and effects, this year’s live show was certainly not a disappointment.  With 24 different performances taking place in quick succession, the hundreds of Eurovision crew members were working on overdrive.

Stagehands could be seen scurrying frantically across the stage, setting up elaborate structures in a matter of seconds between performances. Props included a set of bleachers, a huge metal cage and a winding white staircase. Eurovision certainly didn’t skimp on special effects this year.  From an on-stage fountain and surprise pyrotechnics to lasers and a massive glitter bomb, audience members weren’t short of places to look.

Perhaps the most unusual prop was a mammoth love-heart balloon, which was inflated on stage within a matter of seconds.  The special effects continued to dazzle until the last moment, thanks to a storm of confetti that rained down on the stage as Ukraine was crowned the winner.

The United Kingdom’s Sam Ryder came second overall as SPACE MAN was awarded 466 points overall, and won the jury vote. This is the UK’s highest score in the contest, and their highest placing since Imaani also finished as runner-up with Where Are You? in 1998.

Here are some huge production stats:

  • Roughly 54 days from load in to load out.
  • Around 3,000 shifts of stagehands.
  • Over 225 people to operate a Eurovision broadcast.
  • Over 250 trucks of gear.
  • More than 200 kilometres of cable.
  • Two tons of glitter! (Probably).


With friends in the know – we managed to grab some exclusive behind the scenes pictures capturing the incredible scale of the production and the hard working crew and team that make it all happen – I even managed to blag an exclusive Eurovision Tote bag!


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