The Power of AI – How AI Imagery Is Helping Our Visual Communications

Mark Lofthouse

Creative Operations Manager at The Business Creative

September 29, 2022

Ten years ago, if you would have said that a computer could generate an image that conveys extremely particular concepts perfectly, I’d have laughed until the cows come home.

But, of course, this is 2022… that tech now exists!

Being in this industry for 16 years, the leaps and bounds in end-user and production technology to assist with creating world-defining experience has been astounding. We can now physically place you within a Metaverse of digital possibilities. You’ve always fancied walking on an alien planet? There’d be tech for that. Want to dive into the Mariana Trench and see the ocean-floor creatures? There’d be tech for that. You get my drift. It’s inspiring!

One issue that every single production company, and the clients have had in the past, is perfectly aligning their mind’s eyes to one single symbiotic vision. Let’s role play this:

Imagine a dystopian night-time cityscape, set in the year 2600, where all of the lights are pink.

What you have in your mind would be completely different to what I had in mine. What if there was a way for us to collaborate? Using our words to generate mood board imagery that really makes one another understand the vision and styling of what we are trying to achieve, together.

There is…

Over the past two or three years, through the Discord app/forum space, there has been some incredible technological advances in the use of AI Image Generators. These incredible ‘bots’ can produce a series of images from phrases and sentences. Simply type in a statement, as open or closed as you would like, and the bots get to working up the visual assets you require.

Let’s go back to the role play again. I typed in the phrase “dystopian night time cityscape, year 2600, pink lighting” to the ‘MidJourney’ Discord.

A mere 40 seconds later and this series of four images were produced:

These images were created through the bot scouring the web for metadata and image tags with the exact phrase I mentioned – then the images are manipulated into the one single image in a composition. What’s better is that you can then upscale the single images to higher resolution pieces. Below is version 3 of the above:

I’m sure you’re saying “That’s cool – but how does it help me?”

If you are hiring the services of a creative agency and are struggling to convey the story, theming, wall finish, etc., the perfect way is through reference imagery and mood boards. We all know how tricky and time consuming it can be scouring the internet for hours on end trying to find that perfect way to convey your desires. What if you could type it in and a few seconds later receive the perfect image?

This is the power of AI Image Generators.

It’s worth noting here that, as of now, we only use this software for references in mood boards etc. We support creative talent and would always hire the services of a designer over creating image AI, but it is a mightily powerful tool that if you’re not part of it… you will get left behind!

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